picture of Fry's Spring Beach Club

The Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association (FSNA)
(last updated October, 2016)

What is FSNA?
It is a neighborhood association open to all the folks who live or own property in the Fry’s Spring area.

FSNA bylaws/constitution

Who can join? How much are dues?
Membership is open to all those living in the neighborhood or owning property here. Dues are $5 for an individual member, and $10 for a family.
(printable Fry's Spring Neighborhood Association membership form)

Where are the regular meetings held?
The meetings for FSNA are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Cherry Avenue Christian Church on Cherry Avenue in Charlottesville. The meetings begin promptly at 6 p.m. and are over at 7:30 p.m.

How are the regular meetings run?
An agenda for each meeting is posted to the FSNA web site (http://avenue.org/fsna/) a week or so in advance.  Copies of the agenda are also sent via email to members for whom we have email addresses.

At the start of each meeting, times for the items on the agenda are assigned and, should there be additional items added to the agenda, they are also assigned times.

Meetings are open to all. The meetings are recorded, and posted, along with a written guide, to the FSNA web site.

Officers of the FSNA, and at-large board members
Currently the FSNA has the following officers and board members:

President - Brian Becker
Vice President -
Treasurer - Allen Bailey
Comunicating Sec. - Jess Wenger
Recording Sec. -
At-Large members:
William Abrahamson
Michael Williams
Susan Quinn
Clint Sherril


What do board members do?
Board members attend all FSNA meetings, listen carefully to all discussions held at the meetings, and work with members of the community on projects that need attention. In addition, board members also attend other community meetings as needed.

How often does the board meet?
The FSNA board meets every three or four months. Special meetings of the board may be called when necessary.

How much money does the FSNA currently have?

November 10, 2016 $1,121.02
November 2, 2015 $882.24
April 2, 2015 $944.79
January 26, 2014 $1,200.00
January 10, 2012 $980.40
August 18, 2011 $1,065.49
November 17, 2010 $1,098.68
August 11, 2010 $1,356.27
July 18, 2010 $1,351.27
May 20, 2010 $1,281.27
April 6, 2010 $1,271.27
February 4, 2010 $1,251.21
January 6, 2010 $1,277.53
December 10, 2009 $1,237.53
November 2, 2009 $1,54908
October 13, 2009 $1,240.32
September 15, 2009 $1,225.32

What does the FSNA spend this money on?
The single largest expense is the annual Oktoberfest meeting. Other expenses include, postage, printing, office supplies, etc.