Huntley/Dymond Development

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Located on Stribling and Sunset Avenues in the City of Charlottesville, this 22 acre parcel was purchased from the Dymonds in May of 1999 for $600,000 by Beyer RL Construction Inc. Following months of meetings with city planning commissioners and city staff, the entire property was rezoned as a Planned Urban Development (PUD). Tom Hickman, representing Beyer's development interests, was actively involved in all the PUD negotiations. The rezoning allows for 110 homes to be built. RL Beyer, who is building most of the houses on this site, later sold a portion of the development to Gaffney Homes for housing development. RL Beyer is returning to the city of Charlottesville neighborhood planners for an amendment to his original site plan. The amended site plans concern the Steep Slope ordinance, passed by the city in January, 2006. RL Beyer is seeking a variance for the ordinance. (Huntley Hall, which was included in the original PUD re-zoning, was sold by Tom Hickman, to Arthur and Alyson Valente on 4/6/2005 for $600,000 in a separate real estate transaction.)


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