Adrienne has also attempted to email Norfolk Southern about the same parcel. Below is her email:

5/1/2006 - A group of neighbors attended a "walk-about" of the Huntley property. Below is the message from Paul Beyer explaining the regrading issue:

4/24/2006 - Images taken of initial site work for Cherry Avenue PUD near the intersection of Cherry Ave. and Highland Ave.

4/17/2006 - Fry's Spring City Council Candidates forum. The neighborhood association is sponsoring a City Council Candidate Forum on Monday April 24th at 6:00 in the Cherry Avenue Christian Church. This is an opportunity to see where the three candidates stand on issues of importance to the Fry's Spring Neighborhood as well as the city. [Poster promoting event.]

John Santoski, Neighborhood Association President, will give a short
introduction and will act as moderator. Each candidate should then give a
three minute over-view of themselves and their candidacy. We ask that each
then have prepared a ten minute presentation focused on the following:

"We are concerned about the overwhelming growth suddenly being planned
south of our neighborhood in Albemarle County. Traffic through the
neighborhood is already at a level where further increases will pose
critical safety and congestion problems, as well as create noise, air
quality, and general environmental quality of life concerns. What do you
understand of this issue, and what do you propose to support protection of
our neighborhood?"

Any time remaining will allow questions at random from the floor to one
or all candidates. Because of time constraints, answers should be limited to one minute or less.

4/17/2006 - JPA bridge Information compiled by FSNA board member Adrienne Dent.

4/17/2006 - MPO Policy Board meeting,  Wednesday, April 19 at 4:00 p.m.  The meeting will be held in the TJPDC large conference room, 401 E. Water Street, Charlottesville.

4/10/2006 - Information about a summer camp program for Charlottesville children

4/10/2006 - Charlottesville Planning Commission agenda for Tuesday April 11th at 6:30.

4/09/2006- On April 5th several members of the FSNA attended the CHART meeting to publicly comment on the Biscuit Run development.

4/03/2006- This item appeared in the March 28th issue of C'Ville Weekly:

Traffic study underway for biscuit run
Don’t worry, say developers, more roads coming to fill the need

As Hunter Craig and his investors continue the delicate process of shepherding the huge Biscuit Run development south of town through the County’s red tape, one of the biggest concerns of the skeptical public is what the project means for traffic.

Craig’s lawyer, Steven Blaine, says a traffic study now underway will help developers estimate the impact of Biscuit Run. Not only that, the study will be so broad, it’s likely to be of use to the County and other jurisdictions, he claims.

Funded by the developer at a cost Blaine pegs at “six figures,” the study, conducted by Ramey Kemp and Associates and the Timmons Group, will take traffic counts from 34 intersections around the development. In addition, it will project future traffic using computer models. State and County engineers will review the results. The County Planning Commission has scheduled a work session for April 18 to address Biscuit Run’s traffic issues, but Blaine says the study will probably not be ready by then.

To ease people’s concerns, Blaine points to the County’s “Southern Urban Area B” Study, which contains optimistic forecasts for new roads in fast-growing southern Albemarle (If you’re having trouble sleeping, check it out at

Other roads are planned for the area near Biscuit Run, including a privately developed road linking Fifth Street Extended and Avon Street north of I-64. A “Southern Parkway” is planned to link those same roads south of the Interstate. Also, County plans call for another road that will connect Sunset Road with Fontaine Avenue, designed to ease pressure on Old Lynchburg Road between Fifth Street Extended and Jefferson Park Avenue. As development mushrooms in southern Albemarle, the question of whether the cash-strapped State transportation department will actually be able to build those roads anytime soon is sure to make locals nervous.—John Borgmeyer

Dear OLR Residents,

I enjoyed meeting with you all on Saturday and appreciate the time that you have put into improving the situation in your neighborhood. I'd like to make sure that we are all on the same page with respect to followup:

Traffic calming - I think that everyone was interested in the proposal to neck the traffic down at several points as a way of calming traffic. I'll admit to being a little nervous about how well it work for traffic to take turns going though a one lane passage, although it seems to work OK for the one lane bridge on Proffit Rd, where the traffic counts are similar.  Jim, can you give us an idea of when NDS would have some preliminary concept plans to show the neighborhood?

Traffic avoidance - ultimately the only way to reduce traffic on OLR is to construct the "alternative 4" recommendation from the Area B study. This is the version shown on the map that I brought. The complete study includes current traffic counts (about 4300 cars per day on OLR) and projected counts (could drop to 2500 cars per day or increase to 5000 cars per day depending on the alternative selected). The latest version of the Area B study that I am aware is from September 2004 and can be found at:
In the latest version of the Granger tract development plan that I have (Nov 2005), it appears that the developer is proposing to use the dirt portion of Stribling Ave instead of the Area B recommended alignment. I understand from Jim that since then, the developer has agreed to move forward with something that is very close to the Area B recommendation, although I dont have any documentation of this anywhere. Jim, if you have any more recent documentation on either the Granger tract proposal or Area B recommendations, I would appreciate it you could share these with myself and the neighborhood. The exact alignment of the development road is likely to have a big impact on Fry's Spring neighborhood.

sidewalk - I can see that a sidewalk is very much needed here, although it looks like it would be fairly expensive to construct. It appears that to be feasible, it would have to be on the same side of the street as the beach club. I did not realize until being told at the meeting that the beach club fence was on City right of way. I think in the immediate term we should require the beach club to fix this - as it is, there is only a couple of feet between the fence and the road, which is not very safe for walking. If the fence was set back a few more feet, then at least there would be a safe pedestrian path from JPA into the neighborhood, even if it takes a while to get the sidewalk built. Jim, can you get us a map that shows how much the beach club fence intrudes into the City right of way as well as the width of City right of way going alongside of OLR from JPA to Middleton?

I'm sorry I missed the discussion on drainage. The impression I got from the handout is that the water wants to naturally drain on the same side of the road as the beach club, which could possibly create complications with putting a sidewalk there. I dont know if this was discussed.

There may be additional followup items from the part of the meeting that I missed. I would like to suggest that after we hear back from Jim on the latest Area B and Granger info, that we may want to schedule a followup meeting and also invite Lindsey Dorrier and County Planning Commission members to discuss the recommended Area B alt 4 design.

Regards, Kevin

7/28/2005 - Images of property between Hill St. and Shamrock Ave. recently purchased by Tom Hickman

7/27/2005 -
Real estate listing for 212 Raymond Ave. (item 3 in letter and on map below)

7/27/2005 - Images of Tom Hickman project currently being developed along Stribling Ave.

7/27/2005 - Letter from Highland Avenue residents Andrea and Larry Wieder to the Charlottesville City Council and City Manager. This letter addresses some concerns by residents living in close proximity to much of the ongoing and proposed development. (Refer to the link below for locations of the properties mentioned in the letter.)

- Map of properties sold/for sale near Raymond, Robertson, Hill and Todd