picture of Fry's Spring Beach Club

Images from the 2007 Fry's Spring Oktoberfest (click for more...)


Issues raised by Oktoberfest 2007 attendees:

Why do we have more mosquitoes than other city neighborhoods?

County development affecting traffic - speed, volume, cut thrus

Too many rentals - absentee landlords ** property not kept up, noise, too many cars per house.

Traffic!  Where is the 4-way stop at Cherry, Willard and 2 Clevelands?

Enforcement of existing traffic, noise, shooting laws

Dominion Power has left (after installing new power lines) our sidewalks unwalkable - chunk/piles of rock & mud around each pole - I've complained to the city & the company, to no avail!!! Very dangerous for pedestrians/strollers/wheelchairs that have to go in the road. (Crestmont Ave) Sidewalk access in general.

Light and sidewalks for pedestrians & bicyclists

Who even builds neighborhoods without sidewalks? 

Sidewalks to/from Azalea Park

Bike Lane/sidewalk on Old Lynchburg Road

Bright reflective sign in front of Fry's Spring Beach Club so car doesn't crash into stone wall driving on JPA

Streetlights on Monte Vista Avenue

Broken bottles and excessive trash around Jackson-Via Elmentary

Images from the 2006 Fry's Spring Oktoberfest:


Issues raised by Oktoberfest 2006 attendees:

Excessive speeding - Harris Rd. & 400 block of Moseley Dr.

Sidewalk on Stribling Ave. 1. Very narrow - not enough room for a pedestrian + 2 cars to pass, 2. Many blind curves + Hills, 3. Many people walking to bus stop at JPA, LG. Population on Road 4. Plenty of room on both sides of st. in front lawns for sidewalk

There is no sidewalk on the S/W side of J.P.A. around FSBC. There should at least be a crosswalk for switching to the N/E side.

Sidewalk continuity throughout - would love it if the city would put together a long-term plan to put utility wiring underground - our trees are suffering!

*Would like enforcement of leash laws for dogs.  Two bull terriers almost attach me and my little shi-tsu dog and I had to yell at the owner to call his dogs back immediately - NOW!

Please, I second this! It is very difficult to walk my dog, who although is always is on a leash, does not like other dogs in his face, and is not able to avoid them when they run up.

Also need stop light at Cherry Ave. &  JPA

Please consider speed bumps on Monte Vista Ave. and throughout Fry's Spring.  And I love the idea of sidewalks everywhere.  Monte Vista is increasingly experiencing speeding - the street narrows to one lane it's rather dangerous.