FSNA Bylaws

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Annual dues shall be $5.00 for an individual member, and $10.00 for a family membership.

Membership may be revoked for a failure to pay dues or for violation of City zoning ordinances.

President, vice-president, corresponding secretary, recording secretary, treasurer

Board Members:
Any official communication made in the name of the FSNA shall be distributed to all officers and members of the board. A majority of officers and board members must approve any official communication made in the name of the FSNA. All individuals representing the FSNA shall make a written record of their communication that will be filed with the corresponding secretary within 14 days. This communication shall be shared with the general membership through email or the FSNA website.

The FSNA shall meet on the second Wednesday of every month from 6:00 until 7:30 p.m. at the Cherry Avenue Christian Church

A quorum shall consist of four officers or board members and ten FSNA voting members.

Audio recordings of the entire meeting and written transcriptions of any motions made in the meeting will be made available electronically within 14 days of the meeting.

The executive board meeting shall be open to FSNA voting members unless the President declares it a closed meetings. FSNA voting members in attendance shall not vote or participate in the executive board meeting. Due to space limitations, FSNA voting members wishing to attend the executive board meeting shall contact an officer or board member in advance of the meeting.

A quorum shall consist of a majority of the officers and board members.


The president shall chair all FSNA meetings. The president shall appoint committees and task forces. The president shall call executive board meetings.

The vice-president shall take over the duties of the president whenever the president is not able to conduct such duties.

Corresponding Secretary:
The corresponding secretary shall communicate to the general FSNA membership regarding meetings, actions of the executive board, and others items of interest to the neighborhood. All communications to the general membership shall be approved by the president, or in the president’s absence, the vice-president.

Recording Secretary:
The recording secretary shall record a written record of all motions made in FSNA general membership or executive board meetings. The recording secretary shall send out the written record to all FSNA members in attendance at meetings for their approval. The corresponding secretary shall create a time line of each monthly general membership meeting that shall accompany the audio recording of that meeting. If an audio recording is not made of the monthly general membership meeting the recording secretary shall record the proceedings of the meeting in writing.

The treasurer shall be empowered to draw on the funds of the FSNA at the request of a majority of the executive committee. The treasurer shall be responsible for collecting, recording and depositing all dues. The treasurer shall report on the balance of FSNA funds at the request of the president.


Planning committee:
The Planning Committee shall be responsible for writing proposals to the Executive Board for regional visions, common missions, policies, strategies, and resolutions of issues referred to it by the Executive Board.

Membership committee:
The membership committee shall be responsible for recommending and implementing strategies for increasing membership in the FSNA.


The bylaws may be amended by a majority approval of the FSNA membership at any monthly general membership meeting.