FSNA Annual Meeting December 8th, 2021- Virtual

The Annual Meeting of the FSNA will be held virtually on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.  Please email the President for the info to attend this virtual meeting.

The slate of candidates as of 11-17-21 is:

Co Presidents: Jason Halbert and William Abrahamson (re-elect)
Treasurer: Brian Becker (re-elect)
Vice President:
Steven Cole (re-elect)
Stuart Gardner (re-elect)
Lis Christian (re-elect)
Casey Gioeli (re-elect)
Michael Callahan (elect for first time)
Ivy Hinton (elect for first time)
Cabel Marshall (elect for first time)
One more at-large opening – email fsna.president@gmail.com if interested in running for the FSNA Board.

Bylaws allow for 7-11 Board members.

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