Fry’s Spring Zoning Text Amendment – 7/9/2019 Planning Commission Meeting

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REQUEST FOR INITIATION OF A ZONING TEXT AMENDMENT PLANNING COMMISSION REGULAR MEETING DATE OF PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING: July 9, 2019 Project Planner: Matt Alfele, AICP Date of Staff Report: June 24, 2019 Origin of Request: Response to Planning Commission Requests Applicable City Code Provisions: Sec. 43-41 Initiation Process

Whenever the public necessity, convenience, general welfare or good zoning practice require, the City Council may, by ordinance, amend, supplement, or change the city’s zoning district regulations, district boundaries, or zoning district classifications of property. A zoning text amendment may be initiated by: (1) Resolution of the City Council; or (2) Motion of the Planning Commission. (See City Code §34-41(a), which is based on Virginia Code §15.2-2286(a) (7)).

On May 28, 2019 the Planning Commission held a Work Session related to the assessment and zoning of the Fry’s Springs Neighborhood. This discussion focused on housing cost linked to the availability of undeveloped land and the impact R-1S zoning is having. Would changing the zoning from R-1S to R-2 on undeveloped land within the Fry’s Spring Neighborhood create more affordable housing without adversely affecting the neighborhood? Planning Commission is initiating a Zoning Map Amendment that would direct staff to look at rezoning the following parcels form R-1S to R-2: 1. 240 Stribling Avenue (TMP 18A025000) Approximately 12 Acres. 2. The lots along the plated but unimproved Belleview Street and alley (aka Azalea Cottages) (TMP 200148000, 200121000, 200147000, 200125000, 200145000, 200126000, 200129000, 200144000, and 200142000) Approximately 7 Acres. 3. The lots along the plated but unimproved Flint Drive and Keene Court (aka Flint Hill PUD) (TMP 200259380, 200259350, 200259340, 200259330, 200259320, 200259310, 200259370, 200259260, 200259270, 200259280, 200259290, 200259301, and 200196000) Approximately 10 Acres. Page 1 of 3 4. 2611, 2615, 2619, 2623, 2627, 2631, and 0 Naylor Street (TMP 21A100000, 21A100007, 21A100002, 21A100003, 21A100004, 21A100005, and 21A100006) Approximately 1 Acre. 5. 127 and 0 Porter Avenue (TMP 200019100 and 200063001) Approximately 0.4 Acres.

As Planning Commission considers this initiation, staff recommends the following information related to the areas for consideration: Number (1) is a large duel zoned lot. Approximately 2 of the 12 acres is already zoned R-2 (the portion of the lot that fronts on Stribling Avenue. The lot also has large portions that are considered critical slopes per the City’s Zoning Ordinance. Number (2) is comprised of approximately 81 plated lots from the 1920s. These lots are small with each lot having approximately 25’of frontage and 3,500sqft of area. This area is also difficult to develop due to steep terrain and road layout. Number (3) is currently going through a rezoning process to PUD that would accommodate 50 townhouses. Number (4) is a recent subdivision (2016) that is currently being developed. Number (5) is the also a recent subdivision (2014) that is almost completely developed.

Standard of Review
If initiated, the Planning Commission shall review and study each proposed amendment to determine: (1) Whether the proposed amendment conforms to the general guidelines and policies contained in the comprehensive plan; (2) Whether the proposed amendment will further the purposes of this chapter and the general welfare of the entire community; (3) Whether there is a need and justification for the change; and (4) When pertaining to a change in the zoning district classification of property, the effect of the proposed change, if any, on the property itself, on surrounding property, and on public services and facilities. In addition, the Commission shall consider the appropriateness of the property for inclusion within the proposed zoning district, relating to the purposes set forth at the beginning of the proposed district classification.

Appropriate Motions
(1) For approval: the Planning Commission may decide to initiate a zoning map amendment, by making the following motion: “I move to initiate considerations of amendments to City Code Chapter 34 (Zoning Ordinance), Article IX, Division 10, to authorize the rezoning of the following properties from R-1S to R2. (TMP 18A025000, 200148000, 200121000, 200147000, 200125000, 200145000, 200126000, 200129000, 200144000, 200142000, 200259380, 200259350, 200259340, 200259330, 200259320, 200259310, 200259370, 200259260, 200259270, 200259280, 200259290, 200259301, 200196000, 21A100000, 21A100007, Page 2 of 3 21A100002, 21A100003, 21A100004, 21A100005, 21A100006, 200019100, and 200063001) (2) Decline to initiate the process. (No motion is needed; if the Commission does not adopt a motion to initiate, then the proposal will not proceed) Attachments A. Materials form the May 28, 2019 Planning Commission Work Session B. Map of proposed zoning change. C. Rory Stolzenberg Email and Map dated June 17, 2019

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