240 Stribling PUD – Tuesday, November 9 2021

Email notice from Matt Aflele:

To interested parties,

On September 14, 2021 the Planning Commission held a Public Hearing related to the requested rezoning of 240 Stribling Avenue to a PUD. After the Public Hearing, but prior to a recommendation being made, the applicant requested and was granted a deferral. This email is to inform you that the Planning Commission will be taking this matter back up at their meeting on Tuesday November 9th. Please note that this will not be a Public Hearing, but a continuation of the meeting from September 14th. The application materials are the same from that meeting, with two exceptions:

· The addition of a 10 foot maximum front setback. The original plan had a 0 foot minimum setback, but no maximum.

· An update to the phasing plan to insure all phases meet the minimum requirement of 15% Open Space.

All application materials and an update memo from staff will be posted at the below link by next Wednesday or Thursday (November 3rd or 4th):


Anyone interested in speaking at this meeting (November 9th) will need to do so during Matters by the Public as this will not be a Public Hearing.

I know the applicant is still working with the City Manager’s Office and Economic Development (with help from Public Works) on the Stribling Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Agreement. At this time I do not have any new information to pass along. I am anticipating more information (or a digitated point of contact) will be forthcoming prior to the meeting on the 9th.

I hope this information is helpful and please let me know if you have any questions.

Matt Alfele, AICP

City Planner

City of Charlottesville

Department of Neighborhood Development Services

City Hall – 610 East Market Street

P.O. Box 911

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Ph 434.970.3636 FAX 434.970.3359

***Updated email address to .gov***


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