April 2019 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Invited guests:

  • Officer Nathan Stein, the newly assigned 3rd Shift Patrol Officer for our neighborhood will attend to introduce himself.

  • Jakob ZumFelde, Transportation Planner with the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, will be giving a presentation on the Long-Range Transportation Plan 2045.  You can find information on the plan at: http://campo.tjpdc.org/process-documents/lrtp/.

6:30pm: Nathan Stein introduces himself. Traffic cops at schools come up. Sgt. Manzano is the traffic sergeant we can request these traffic cops from. Cville PD is down 25 officers right now. LOTS of officer turnover in Cville PD. We are in police district 1 which starts on 5th street extended. Bridge by wayside is the western edge of the district. Cherry is the northern border.

6:47pm: Jakob ZumFelde introduces himself; They staff the Charlottesville-Albemarle Metropolitan Planning Org (MPO) which creates the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) to ensure transportation funding is spent in a way that reflects goals for the region. Boundaries of this organization may change with census changing the urban boundaries of Albemarle. State distributes federal funding through “SMART SCALE” which is a program of VDOT that happens every two years (which is what funded the Fontaine Streetscape). A lot of these projects have safety as the focus, in addition to traffic flow.

7:00pm: LRTP looks 25 years ahead and is updated every 5 years; it focuses on understanding future transportation needs that are regional in scope. This is a requirement to receive Federal transportation funding. Jakob goes over different projects that have not received any funding, including widening the 250/29/64 bypass. Our CTB member is the CEO of the UVA Credit Union

7:10pm Sunset-Fontaine unfunded connector project discussion starts. In the last LRTP it was considered a local project, but it’s been brought back to discussion level. It would basically hug Moore’s creek and hit the Stribling connection to Fontaine.

7:21pm: Bike and pedestrian plan section of the presentation. 5th Street hub and Biscuit run discussion.

7:33pm: There is possible new funding (TAP Grant) for a shared use path from sunset ave extended to Azalea park and a sidewalk on old lynchburg under I-64.

7:40pm: MPO Policy Board public meeting on April 24th where they will review the complete LRTP draft, and on May 22 they will hold the final public hearing and adopt the LRTP

7:44pm: Planning Commission meeting discussion starts. Our neighborhood association was given props at the meeting for being well prepared. Council seemed to want city staff’s opinion on Belleview development.

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