October 2019 Meeting Agenda

New Business

  • The Zoning and Code Enforcement discussion has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict.
  • 2020 FSNA Board Slate – the slate of candidates and for the 2020 FSNA Board will be presented.
  • Oktoberfest Preparations – Volunteers are needed to help with Oktoberfest flyer delivery!  Every year the FSNA hand-delivers an invitation to Oktoberfest to every address in the neighborhood.  It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and get exercise! If you are interested in take a street or two, email Brian Becker at: fsna.president@gmail.com.

Old Business

  • CIP Requests – The City of Charlottesville requested the Neighborhood Associations to suggest priorities for the upcoming fiscal year’s Capital Improvement Plan.  The FSNA has resubmitted the requests for sidewalks on Stribling, full funding for the proposed improvements on JPA between Todd and OLR and for pedestrian safety improvements along JPA between OLR and Harris.

  • By-Laws Update – The revised bylaws are available for review on the FSNA website: http://fsna.avenue.org/draft-fsna-bylaws/.  We will discuss the key changes this month in preparation for voting by the general membership at Oktoberfest.

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