240 Stribling Development Proposal

240 Stribling Development Proposal

The Planning Commission and City Council met jointly September 14th to discuss the rezoning application for 240 Stribling Ave. from Southern Development.  The Planning Commission asked the developer to defer action and the developer agreed with no specified timeline for resubmission. The video of the virtual meeting can be found here:  https://boxcast.tv/channel/vabajtzezuyv3iclkx1a?b=loehfwxm4dqooc8tqosm   One important section is when City Engineer Jack Dawson refutes the idea that there is a clear cost estimate for pedestrian and stormwater improvements. That begins at 1:46.40.

The FSNA Board is conferring with an attorney regarding the loan deal with Southern Development.  We will have more info in the near future.

NEWEST INFO: DRAFT LOAN DEAL WITH DEVELOPER and the FSNA Board’s past letter to City Council and the Planning Commission, which still stands, are here: http://fsna.avenue.org/240-stribling-9-14-2021-planning-commission-meeting-packet/ 

Go here for a letter that went out to residents in the area, the plan, and supplemental documents:http://fsna.avenue.org/240-stribling-pud/

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