Comprehensive Plan Update Resources

FSNA Board would like to share the following information that has been shared with us and that may be useful to residents in considering the Proposed draft Future Land Use map and Comprehensive Plan chapters.  PLEASE submit your comments by 6/13 to:
(please feel free to cc
The FSNA does not have a position on the map and plan at this time.  The board is supportive of the affordable housing goals provided inclusive, multi-modal infrastructure (including bike/ped access and greenspace) is delivered in advance or in tandem with new development.  We will look for concrete mechanisms to ensure durable housing affordability in the final plan.


Information on the Comprehensive Plan Update:
Articles/Op-Eds on the subject:

Erin O’Hare’s Cville Tomorrow Article:Future Land Use Map conversations cause confusion, controversy

Letters from Other Groups that Have Been Shared with the FSNA Board

These letters are being shared for transparency and informational purposes and are in no way an endorsement by the FSNA Board.

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