Flint Hill Site Plan Conference December 9, 2020

From City of Charlottesville:

Flint Hill PUD Site Plan Conference. Join us Wednesday, December 9 at 10am for the Flint Hill PUD Site Plan Conference. The purposes of this meeting is to become familiar with the applicant’s development plans and to allow suggestions at the planning stages.

As part of the City’s desire to keep community residents informed about activities that might affect them, Roudabush, Gale & Associates, representing Belmont Station, LLC (owner) has submitted a final site plan for Flint Hill PUD. The site plan is for up to 50 residential units and new city roads. The plan shows two multifamily buildings and thirty-seven townhouses. The development has frontage on Flint Drive and Keene Court. These roads are currently unimproved, but will be constructed as part of the development. The development is further identified on City Real Property TMP 200196000, 200259310, 200259320, 200259330, 200259340, 200259350, 200259380, 200259370, 200259260, 200259270, 200259280, 200259290, and 200259301. The site is zoned Planned Unit Development (PUD). The site is approximately 9.81 acres. The Land Use Plan generally calls for Low Density Residential.

Letter that was sent out to properties within 500′ of the proposed development, including drawings.

Dec 9, 2020 10:00 AM


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