March 2019 Meeting Agenda

March 13, 2019 6:30-8:00PM At Cherry Avenue Christian Church

New Business

Invited Guests – Planning Commissioner Lyle Solla-Yates will be attending to discuss the Planning Commission’s vision for the City of Charlottesville Comprehensive Plan.

Old Business

  • Belleview Update – The City has received additional information required for the completion of the Belleview SUP application.  This information is currently under review for a future joint Public Hearing with Planning Commission and City Council.  Once a date is set (anticipating April 9, 2019) residents who live within 500 feet of the proposed development will receive a formal notice from the City.  You can find more information about the project and join the Belleview Concerned Neighbor’s mailing list at:
  • Flint Hill Update – Additional information related to the Flint Hill PUD was recently submitted and is currently under review.  Part of the new information is a Critical Slope application (code requires the waiver be reviewed by Planning Commission at the same time as the PUD).  The PUD and Critical Slope Waiver application will be going to a future Public Hearing (only the PUD rezoning is a Public Hearing, Critical Slope is not a Public Hearing), anticipated April 9th and a formal letter will be sent to property owners within 500’ of the proposed development when that date is set.
  • The revised designs plans for the Jefferson Park Avenue pedestrian improvements, presented last month by Amanda Poncy, City Bike-Ped Coordinator, and Brennen Duncan, City Traffic Engineer, have been posted on the project website:  Additional comments should be directed to Amanda ( or Brennen (
  • Fontaine Ave. Streetscape Improvements – The Fontaine Streetscape Public Workshop was held January 31st.  Materials from the workshop and an online survey of desired design elements can be found on the project workshop at:

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