September 2019 FSNA Meeting Agenda

New Business
Community Organization Presentations:

    • C3 Home Energy Challenge – Clarie Habel, Residential Program Manager for the Charlottesville Climate Collaborative will give a brief presentation on their organization and the Home Energy Challenge.  You can learn more at:

    • BeHeardCVA Initiative – Jane Foy, Community Outreach Liaison for the BeHeardCVA, will give a brief presentation on their organization and the BeHeardCVA Initative.  You can learn more at:

Old Business

  • Development Update – A summary of the August 27th Planning Commission Work Session on 240 Stribling (Carrsgrove Property) will be provided.

  • By-Laws Update – In the two decades since the FSNA was established much has changed in the neighborhood and in the City of Charlottesville.  The way we communicate, and exchange information has also evolved. A frank discussion is necessary about what the FSNA will look like in coming years.   Revisions of the draft bylaws has been completed and are now available for review on the FSNA website:  We will discuss the key changes this month in preparation for voting by the general membership at Oktoberfest

Next FSNA Meeting:
October 9, 2019, 6:00pm-7:30pm
at the Cherry Avenue Christian Church
Read Brodhead and Patricia Carrington, the city staff responsible for Zoning and Code Enforcement, will attend for a conversation on what is permitted under the current and proposed zoning in the Fry’s Spring Neighborhood and how zoning is or isn’t being enforced.

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