February 2019 Meeting Minutes


Amanda Poncy, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of Charlottesville, starts off the conversation

6:00p Amanda Poncy starts the presentation on JPA crosswalks. More information can be found at www.charlottesville.org/JPACrossings

6:10p Conversation continues to focus on changes to the Stribling intersection w/ JPA, specifically concerning the bump out on the north side of that intersection. Want to reduce crossing distance across JPA.

6:15p Fry’s Spring Beach Club crossing brought up and Poncy explains that it’s outside of the area under consideration for improvements.

6:20p question comes up about width of parking spaces… 8 feet in width is the aim.

6:23p question asked about sidewalk ending at Fry’s Spring Beach Club entrance. Is there a way to indicate that at the Cleveland intersection crosswalk there is no place to cross for a while?

6:25p We’re waiting for this year’s CIP to be appropriated. We’re looking at $150K in the budget for a $300K-$350K project after we’ve done all the designs on all four intersections. There seems to be agreement that the Stribling and Cleveland intersections are the highest priority crossings to get funding if we have to cut some of the other crossings. Poncy indicates that we could phase the project just to get ONE intersection project started quickly.

6:30p question about permit parking, info on the application / petition project here: http://www.charlottesville.org/departments-and-services/departments-h-z/neighborhood-development-services/traffic-engineering/permit-parking

Permitting allows those without driveways to get two free permitted spaces for free, each additional parking permit (up to 4 per household) is $20/year.

6:40p Brian and the Chair of TJCLT (https://www.tjclt.org/), Greg Slater introduces Christine Jacobs, the Executive Director of the Thomas Jefferson Community Land Trust, who were invited to talk about the Community Land Trust, their organization and projects.

6:45p TJCLT wants to create permanently affordable housing, we separate the value of the land from the home. Recently received a city grant to buy two duplexes on Nassau Street. Four brand new homes, fair market value of $300K, solar powered (no energy bills, got a grant to do this), we’ll be able to sell them for $215K each.

In our model it’s not about getting appreciation on the home, it’s about monthly cost of living for the residents.

6:55p Taxes for CLTs is complicated. Virginia Bill being considered in this session, HB 590 would change the way this works in the state.

Working with banks to get loans in this process has been incredibly difficult.

Donating the land under your home is impossible right now. This is only for new homes so far.

7:10p Brian gives updates. https://fontainestreetscape.com/ this streetscape meeting was well attended, and they want to know what residents think. They give the ability to vote for different improvements online. Fontaine Research Park entrance is a part of this project. Scooter pilot project is ending in July.

7:15p Comp Plan meeting next month with Planning Commission members.

7:20p question arises about Flint Hill development near Azalea. There’s a proposal in City School Board that neighbors are wondering if the neighborhood association is taking up. Consensus is that this proposed shuffling of grades or increases in school size is years away. Brian is asked to set up formal communication with the School Board.

7:25p discussion of the Cville weekly article came up

7:30p meeting times changed for DST to 6:30p – 8p

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